About us

Our Company

OSERIX S.A. is a Belgian company with headquarters located in Saint-Servais (Namur). Established in July 2010, OSERIX S.A. results  from the integration of industrial know-how, marketing, sales and management experience of its shareholders.

The corporate purpose of the company is the production, marketing and distribution of products related to Non Destructive Testing (NDT) including consumables and services. Active on five continents, OSERIX S.A. occupies a prominent place globally alongside leading competitors and continues to explore new areas to offer its products and services.We constantly strive to improve our core competencies and value innovation to be the best in our class to always offer unparalleled service to our customers.

What makes OSERIX S.A. different is the quality of the products and services, the quick responsiveness and its competitive prices. Today OSERIX S.A. is able to offer a large range of gamma cameras as well as their dedicated sealed sources and accessories.

We seek to cultivate entrepreneurship, sustainable development, innovation and partnership.

These values guide us in everything we do and are also the foundation upon which is built OSERIX S.A.